About us

We are committed to taking better care of you.

Corben was created in 2004 and is a French-owned company. Its main business is tied to the medical and emergency fields.

Corben’s goal is to be close to their customers by listening to them and determining their needs, finding the appropriate product to meet those needs and then delivering the needed supplies on a timely and economic basis.

Service is the primary Corben product—we are committed to taking better care of you.

These goals and Corben’s philosophy are the daily challenges of Corben’s sales team. We endeavour every day to meet the goals we have established for ourselves: quality, reactivity, proximity and service.

Everyone’s success can only result from a true partnership between CORBEN, its suppliers and customers.

Please contact us :

tel : +33 235 300 185
Fax : +33 235 300 186
Email : corben@corben.fr


Sandra Guerrier
Founder & Executive Director Corben

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